Google Confirms Wear 3 Smartwatches And Updates In Mid-2022

After launching an updated operating system later this year, Google has made clear the future of Wear OS smartwatches.

In a post on its support forum, a Google spokesperson clarified which devices will receive the update - and what will happen to those devices that will not receive the update.

First of all, as we reported last month, both TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3 will be upgraded to Wear OS 3. There is no timetable, but Google said, "We hope our partners can start rolling out system updates from the mid-term to the second half of 2022."

Our sources estimate that the TicWatch device will be launched in late 2021 or early 2022, so how long will users have to wait for a new Wear OS experience.

The watch will not update automatically-you must opt-in.

“For the previous generation of Wear OS smartwatches, a system update to Wear OS 3 will bring the benefit of many of the new experiences, and in some limited cases, the user experience will also be impacted,” the statement read.

“The extent of changes brought to Wear OS 3 will also require you to upgrade and reset your smartwatch to the way it was when you first got it (factory settings),” it continued.

The company also said that Fossil’s new devices due later this year will also run the updated Wear 3 – as you would expect.

There was no mention of the Oppo Watch 2, which is due for launch in July. That has been formally teased by Oppo, so it’s worrying that’s not mentioned in the Google release.

So unsurprisingly, Wear 3 will not grace the vast majority of Wear OS devices. But Google has clarified what will happen to those devices going forward.

Google says that those devices will be supported by critical updates for two years. And the company stressed that it’s already started to improve the experience of older Wear smartwatches via updates such as the Google Play update, which was announced earlier this week.
By and large the launch of Wear 3 will be a clean break from the old. We don’t expect these changes to be received too positively by the Wear OS community. But we’ll get more of an idea of the performance of Wear OS when we get our first look at the Galaxy Watch 4 on 11 August.