Preview Of Samsung New Releases In August

The next Galaxy Unpacked event will be on August 11th at 10 am Eastern Time / 7 am Pacific Time approaching-but due to a large number of leaks, you may have seen Samsung's activity.

Samsung is expected to announce new additions to its high-end folding Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip mobile phone series. According to the leak, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 seem to be more like improvements to Samsung’s existing design, with the latest specifications. The new folding and flipping should have new color options, in the case of flipping, a redesigned external screen and camera housing.

Now that Samsung and Google have revealed their smartwatch partnership with Wear OS 3, it seems that Samsung may also launch two of the first smartwatches to run it. The leak seems to indicate that Samsung will show off the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch Active 4. It is rumored that the company will also update its true wireless earbud series with Galaxy Buds 2.

The Verge will cover all of Samsung's next foldable actions, but before the event starts, this is the breakdown we know so far.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 with S Pen stylus. Image: Evan Blass / Twitter (tweet now deleted)

GALAXY Z FOLD 3 has gained an important note function: Stylus support
Samsung has confirmed that there will be no new Note in 2021, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 seems to be the latest flagship phone, which can use Note's previous unique stylus function. Leaked images from 91Mobiles and SamMobile show that when you are not in use, the Fold will have an optional case that can accommodate Samsung's S Pen stylus.

The leaked Galaxy Z Fold 3 protective case. Image: 91mobiles

In its stylus display, Samsung also confirmed that the new Fold and Flip will have higher durability. The rumors of IPX8 water resistance may support part of this statement. Otherwise, the new Fold looks like a more refined version of the previous two models, offering three color options of green, black and silver, and the Snapdragon 888 processor. According to SamMobile, this phone also has a 7.55-inch internal folding screen and a 6.23-inch external screen, both of which are rumored to be 120Hz high refresh rate displays.

According to XDA-Developers, for the camera, prolific leaker Evan Blass said that the Fold will be equipped with three 12-megapixel rear cameras, one of which is an ultra-wide-angle camera and the other is a telephoto camera. The external selfie camera is expected to be 10 megapixels, while the internal selfie camera is rumored to be only 4 megapixels, but it may be installed under the folded internal panel. Samsung Display has used under-panel cameras on laptops in the past, so the company may launch products similar to Fold 3.

A leaked render of the yellow Galaxy Z Flip 3.Image Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

GALAXY Z FLIP 3 has an adjusted design and a larger cover screen
Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to adopt a new design, equipped with a vertically stacked 12-megapixel rear camera and a larger 1.9-inch display for notification and selfie camera shooting. The renderings leaked by Evan Blass show that the device has at least four colors: light purple, light yellow, gray-green and black.

Galaxy Z Flip 3's redesigned front cover. Image: WinFuture

The internal screen of Flip 3 is rumored to be the same size as the original Z Flip, 6.5 inches, but with a brand new 120Hz high refresh rate display. According to reports, the internal punch-hole selfie camera will be equipped with a 10-megapixel sensor. This may not be a significant internal change of the first-generation Galaxy Z Flip, but the leaked rendering suggests that Samsung may also shrink the Flip 3's frame.

According to SamMobile, like Samsung’s other flagship phones, Flip 3 may be equipped with Snapdragon 888. For Flip 3, it will be equipped with the same 8GB memory as the first Flip.

The rumored Galaxy Watch or Active 4. Image: Evan Blass/Twitter

The new GALAXY watch may be more suitable for the wrist
Samsung is expected to launch at least two new smart watches at the event on Wednesday. According to reports, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will adopt a more traditional watch shape with a rotating bezel and 42 mm, 44 mm and 46 mm sizes, which should at least provide people with more size options. There are rumors that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has two finishes, aluminum or stainless steel, both of which will be water resistant to 50 meters.

According to reports, the more stylish and modern Galaxy Watch 4 (or Galaxy Watch 4 Active, not yet fully understood) will be equipped with two side buttons, measuring 40 mm or 44 mm. SamMobile recommends that you can choose a black, olive green, rose gold or silver watch and make additional customizations for the strap.

Both watches are expected to run Wear OS 3 jointly developed by Samsung and Google. Little is known about this, but the leak seems to definitely indicate that it is running on two new Samsung watches. Samsung also showed the appearance of its One UI version Wear OS 3 at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Leaked rendering of Galaxy Buds 2. Image Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

The new GALAXY BUDS 2 has improved sounds with multiple colors
Samsung's next true wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds 2, do not seem to be very different from the original pair in design. However, they are expected to adopt new colors and have improved noise reduction capabilities, which may benefit from silicone earplugs similar to those included in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

According to rumors, Galaxy Buds 2 come in green (some renderings look like the inside of a pistachio), pink, black, and white. The new case of Buds 2 also seems to enhance some of the design elements of the Pixel Buds A series: a uniform white appearance and a colorful interior that matches the bud itself.

It is not clear what kind of battery life the new Galaxy Buds 2 can increase, but the Federal Communications Commission document discovered by XDA-developers shows that the charging case of the device has a 500mAh battery, and each earbud will have a 60mAh battery.