Rumors: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Could Last 7 Days

For Google’s current version of Wear OS, one of the biggest complaints is battery life. Most Wear OS watches can last for a day before they need to be recharged. If you use it for heavy exercise, music streaming, or sleep tracking, you may not even be able to enjoy the whole day.

One of our greatest hopes is that Samsung and Google’s Wear OS 3.0 will solve this problem. According to WinFuture's summary of new rumors, our wish may be realized. According to "various sources" in conversations with WinFuture, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can be up to 7 days.

Now, for almost all wearable devices, this is a very long battery life. This will be the best choice for all Wear OS watches, most fitness watches (such as Fitbit Sense) and even Apple Watch. This is why we are skeptical of this statement.

Although Wear OS 3.0 watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will definitely have better battery life than current models, 7 days is a big leap. This number may reflect the use of a certain power-saving mode, rather than a basic out-of-the-box mode. For example, Mobvoi's TicWatches series has a basic mode that consumes battery. If you only use it, you can get several weeks of battery life. However, it is not entirely correct to say that the watch can last for several weeks with a battery, because you need to turn off almost all other functions.

Nevertheless, we still cannot rule out the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rumors are true and apply to the default configuration. If this is the case, Wear OS 3.0 watches may change the rules of the game for the entire industry.