Sensors For Health Received US$5m In ARC Research Hub Grants For High-tech, Cyber-secure IoT Sensors

The New South Wales Smart Sensor Network is part of a group of 37 universities and industry partners that led the establishment of a US$24 million Australian Research Council (ARC) new health interconnected sensor research center. Today, according to the Australian government’s latest round of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP), the center has received US$5 million in funding.

The center is led by Professor Wang Chun, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales. It aims to develop, manufacture and export high-tech, cyber-security IoT sensors to the global health market.

“In addition to the development of new connected sensors and digital analytics, the Hub will also contribute to uplifting our domestic medical technologies and pharmaceuticals sector’s skills in advanced manufacturing of sensors and new equipment, regulatory approval, and product commercialization,” said Professor Wang.

“NSSN has contributed to the success of the Hub by connecting researchers with relevant companies, helping the team to identify industry needs, and guidance in the governance structure of the Hub.”

NSSN founding Co-Director Professor Justin Gooding, who has been directly involved with the Hub as part of the leadership team, congratulated Professor Wang on the success of the ITRP grant and praised Professor Wang’s superb leadership of the project, reports NSSN.

“The Hub will create an opportunity for Australia, and NSW, to become a world leader in the manufacture and commercialization of connected health devices and wearable sensors,” said Professor Gooding.

“The NSSN was integral in the team effort that got this Hub over the line. The success exemplifies the value add that NSSN has in connecting researchers to industry and helping to develop large research initiatives that benefit NSW and Australia,” said Professor Gooding.

NSSN MedTech Theme Leader Ms Jane Evans, who has been working closely with the Hub’s leadership team, said long-term partnerships between universities and industry are vital for the future of technology development.

UNSW Sydney

“The ARC Research Hub for Connected Sensors for Health is an excellent demonstration of researchers, industry and entrepreneurs working together with a focus on genuine and innovative transformation in the healthcare sector,” said Ms Evans.

“Successful innovation relies heavily on the people and a transparent culture; you need people that are allowed to think differently and have come together to form a vision for a better future.

“I would like to congratulate Professor Wang for his thoughtful leadership in steering 30 partners, 7 universities, and 36 Chief Investigators throughout the development process and for being tirelessly humble and grateful to all involved.”

In addition to Professor Chun Wang and Professor Justin Gooding, the Hub’s leadership team includes Professor Madhu Bhaskaran, Professor Kim Delbaere and Professor Nigel Lovell.

University partner organizations
UNSW Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Newcastle, RMIT University, Queensland University of Technology, Monash University, and the University of Wollongong.

Industry partner organizations
Roebuck, NeuRa, Nutromics, Santevation, Hunter Medical Research Institute, David Penn Consulting, Prince of Wales Hospital, Minifab (AUST), Sensoria Health, Vlepis, Nthalmic, ANDhealth, Australian Read Cross Lifeblood, Primestone Capital, Australian Advanced Materials, Tiger Pharm, Soft Sense, Sydney Pain Management Centre, Flame Security International, Genesys Electronics Design, Global Edge MedTech Consulting, Glia Diagnostics, Vitalcare, STMicroelectronics, NSW Institute of Sport, and the NSW Smart Sensing Network.