Amazfit Launched A Smart Watch for Children Featuring A Colorful Design & Rubber Strap

Amazfit launched a smart watch for children because it expands the range of wearable devices.

After a quiet year at Huami (or Zepp Health in the West), Amazfit Pop Pro announced its launch in China on Weibo, as reported by Gizmochina.

Given that Pop Pro already exists in India as an adult smartwatch, and there is no "professional" in this children's smartwatch, this is a crazy nickname.

The best children's smart watch

The new Pop Pro represents Huami's first wearable device focused on children, although like an adult-centric smartwatch, it does put fitness and health functions first.

The children's Amazfit Pop Pro has a colorful design and a rubber strap, it is hard to miss the front camera, which is designed to take interesting snapshots from the wrist.

But for children's smart watches, it contains a lot of mature sound functions.

There are 24/7 heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring, and there are many exercise tracking modes for kids to try. These include running, skipping rope — and all kids’ favorite exercise — sit-ups.
It has an IP68 protection rating, so it can withstand time in the water and includes 4G support-although it is not clear whether this will extend to location tracking, or whether parents can call their children without needing a smartphone.

It is currently only available for sale in China, and there is currently no pricing. There is no more widely released news-although few brands have actually penetrated the children's smartwatch market outside of China.

We have seen Fitbit and Garmin release fitness trackers suitable for children, they have become smart watch-style devices in the past year. Apple also allows parents to turn older Apple Watch models into smart watches for children.

Interest in children's wearable devices is undergoing a turning point, and it seems that Amazfit may join them.